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Neil Bloom
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Facility Optimization Through Reliability-Centered
Maintenance Training

Streamline and reinforce your maintenance practices with my "Implementation Made Simple (IMS)" approach to Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM). At RCM Training, I train employees at major international organizations with complex facilities that cannot afford to be shut down due to fire, explosions, or malfunctions or where unscheduled shutdowns are unacceptable. Available nationally and internationally, my RCM Seminar / Workshop is presented on-site at your very own facility to help you ensure higher levels of safety and reliability.

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Through the methods learned in my RCM training courses, you will be able to develop a robust preventive maintenance program at your site, whether a nuclear power plant or the U.S. Mint. On-site training programs are available to teach your people how to use RCM.

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An expert in this field, I have developed a simplified approach to the classical RCM program. Without using any outside personnel, I spend three days reviewing the ins and outs of RCM. On the fourth day, we carry out a live implementation on your systems.

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Many people who sign up for my RCM services have tried to implement RCM in the past without luck. Since I have eliminated the obfuscation and difficulty usually associated with RCM implementation, success is now guaranteed.

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My process is advanced to the nth degree through use in a commercial nuclear facility and ready for use by any complex facility. Find out more about the course length, cost, and options available for my on-site RCM training seminar and workshops.

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Reliability Centered Maintenance: Implementation Made Simple, Book

Read how to improve your implementation of RCM in layman's terms when you click the following link.

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About Me

My name is Neil Bloom, and I am the foremost international expert and pioneer in reliability-centered maintenance made simple. Widely recognized for my knowledge and insight, I literally wrote the book on the subject, RCM - Implementation Made Simple, published worldwide by McGraw-Hill. My book takes a simplified approach to classical RCM for the layperson, which many refer to as Modern-Day RCM. I also serve as an instructor in continuing studies at UCLA, UCSD, UC Irvine, and the University of Kansas, where I teach RCM, reliability, and preventive maintenance strategies.

A mechanical engineer by profession, I started out in the commercial aviation industry, where the methods of RCM first originated. Over my many years in aviation and nuclear power, I have seen how RCM can become difficult to implement; and most of those who try it end up throwing their hands into the air with a sigh of defeat and despair. Now, I have changed all of this so that even laypersons can facilitate their own RCM programs using only in-house resources. Additionally, I have ensured that those in-house resources do not require the pedigree of having a formal engineering degree or any previous rocket science experience. Find out more about my training courses by contacting me today.

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