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A Modern-Day Take On Classical RCM

Discover how my Classical RCM approach helps enhance maintenance program optimization and ensure the continued operation of your plant. You will find out how to overcome the frustrations of RCM implementation and take your maintenance process to the next level.

The Devolution of RCM

RCM today does not resemble its origin. It can be a powerful tool for reliability, but unfortunately, it has morphed into a complex process that is difficult to implement and very costly to undertake. That is not what RCM was intended to be. As a result, I have reintroduced the basic, grassroots, fundamental concepts of the RCM process in the manner it was always intended to be by its founders, Nowlan and Heap. Now users of this tool can reach a new plateau of understanding by the average layperson, making the entire process less daunting, more straightforward, and simpler.

Finding a Balanced Method

Virtually all of my clients were previously intimately familiar with RCM, and in fact, had tried various RCM versions. However, none of these other versions were successful. They ranged from ultra-simplistic streamlined versions to ultra-complex, obfuscated, complicated versions. The really simple versions were insufficiently robust to make any reasonable improvement to their preventive maintenance program. The complex, overly complicated versions could not be readily implemented. There needed to be a better way.

The Way RCM Ought To Be

You will learn RCM the way it was intended to be learned and your team will be able to successfully implement a premier RCM-based preventive maintenance program for your plant or facility, on their own, without having to depend on outside expertise. The key difference is my unparalleled and intricate knowledge of RCM and my approach to RCM training, which can train your people in only three days. Not your typical consultant, I do not try to get my foot in the door and stay for as long as possible! After three short days, you will not need me anymore, but I will always be available (at no additional charge) via phone or email to answer subsequent questions and discuss key topics.

Fully Compliant Training

All of my training is in total accord with SAE Document JA1011. In fact, JA1011 includes some of the very specific ideas and methodologies I developed almost 10 years prior to 1999, when JA1011 was first issued. Additionally, I was instrumental in working with and implementing the Institute of Nuclear Power Operators (INPO) Document AP-913 for Equipment Reliability as well as the NRC "Maintenance Rule" for Systems, Structures, and Components (SSCs).

Note On Terminology

"Plant" and "facility" are synonymous, referring to entities for which you should maintain a preventive maintenance program. They include any entity or asset where it is unacceptable to incur an unplanned shutdown, a loss of production or generation capability, a regulatory violation, environmental hazards, or any safety hazards such as fires, explosions, or personnel injuries. In essence, it is any entity or asset that manufactures a product or produces an output where it is unacceptable to incur unplanned interruptions of the operation, or worse yet, an unwanted disaster.