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Learn More About My On-Site RCM Training Course

Find out more about my hands-on RCM course, available on-site at your location internationally. Your employees and management team will learn the ins and outs of using RCM methods effectively. Get in touch with me to sign up for the four-day program, which includes guided RCM implementation on your systems.

Training Session

Training Length

For those companies interested in an overview of RCM without actual hands-on RCM maintenance training, I can provide that training in a one- or two-day course. For those companies opting for the comprehensive three-day course, a fourth day can be included by request, to allow your team to commence a pilot RCM program on a system of your choice and from your own plant. This also helps ensure that your personnel have thoroughly comprehended the training session, all pertinent questions have been answered, and your own people are confidently on their way toward implementing your own successful RCM program.

Training Costs

You will be pleased to find that my costs for an on-site RCM seminar and workshop are extremely affordable. My fees are not predicated on the number of attendees, but on a cost-per-day basis for as many people as you wish to attend. I have found that having as many people as possible attend the training, including senior management, provides the basis for a very successful outcome. This is because all attendees will understand and be in support of the RCM mission, thereby becoming ambassadors of the program.

Four-Day Option

The four-day seminar and workshop is the most popular selection by my clients, as it affords the opportunity to actually implement the process on the fourth day on your own systems and components. You will deploy the knowledge gained during the first three days of training. At the end of four days of training, all class participants will be capable of facilitating your own premier RCM-based preventive maintenance program.