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Read the Oracle White Paper about RCM & eAM

The Oracle Corporation has specifically written a white paper, excerpted below, that highlights the work I have done and universally recommends it to their Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) customers world-wide. Being very familiar with the work control process, planning, scheduling, and EAM/CMMS systems, I devote sufficient training time to understanding the synergy between my RCM program and these work processes.

Excerpts From "Boosting Performance: RCM With Oracle eAM"

"This paper describes the essentials of RCM as detailed in Neil Bloom's recent book, Reliability Centered Maintenance - Implementation Made Simple as well as how Oracle's Enterprise Asset Management product supports the implementation steps outlined in the book. Neil Bloom has constructed completely new RCM concepts and methodologies that go beyond the work of Nowlan and Heap to make the entire RCM process easier to understand and implement. Neil has made RCM simpler, more thorough, more accurate, and less cost-intensive while remaining in full accord with SAE RCM Document JA1011.

Additionally, he has developed new strategies for an RCM Living Program as well as an innovative approach to monitor and trend Asset performance and the effectiveness of the RCM program once it has been implemented. The synergistic application of Neil's RCM is an integral part of Oracle's eAM and will allow Oracle to become an industry leader in this dynamic enterprise.

This document is part of a continuing joint effort between Neil Bloom and the Oracle Corporation to further the acceptance of the principles and methods that are described in Neil's book. It is our hope that application of these methods will make implementing an RCM program less daunting, less costly, and more successful. Content and excerpts from Reliability Centered Maintenance - Implementation Made Simple are copyrighted and are included in this White Paper with the express permission of Neil Bloom."

The Target Audience

"The target audience includes systems engineers, maintenance and engineering management personnel, designers, quality assurance specialists, maintenance specialists, production planners, manufacturing or production personnel, Regulatory personnel, and even senior level management-selected mechanics and technicians. In essence, the target audience is anyone who is responsible for or associated with ensuring the operational safety and reliability of a plant or facility.

Remember, a plant or facility is any entity where it is unacceptable to incur an unplanned shutdown, a loss of production or generation capability, a regulatory violation, environmental hazards, or any safety hazards such as fires, explosions, or personnel injuries. In essence, it is any entity that manufacturers a product or produces an output where it is unacceptable to incur unplanned interruptions of the operation or worse yet, an unwanted disaster."

Systems Engineer Working on a Drive

From My Book:

"In addition to the typical known problem areas, plant reliability and safety is directly related to the existing vulnerabilities that have not yet been identified because the failure consequences surrounding those vulnerabilities have not yet occurred. These vulnerabilities will 'lie in wait' until an unwanted event occurs. "RCM - Implementation Made Simple" is all about finding those vulnerabilities before they can occur and result in a most unwanted consequence of failure."