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100% Successful Solutions for RCM Implementation

Every client I have worked with has had virtually 100 percent success in implementing my RCM-Implementation Made Simple (RCM-IMS) to improve their asset reliability, plant safety, cost effectiveness, and PM program optimization. I would gladly provide references from any one of my numerous clients (they are noted in this website) who will attest to their successful RCM experience. My RCM program addresses all seven steps and questions in the SAE Document JA1011 verbatim. Additionally RCM-IMS is perhaps the most successful path for achieving ISO 55000 compliance.

Boosting the Success Rate

Let me state a well-known, proven fact: the actual success rate for implementing an RCM program is in the 5-10 percent range. Putting it another way, over 90 percent of all RCM programs result in failure. This lack of success does not have to become your experience. RCM was never intended to have a 90 percent failure rate. Quite the contrary, RCM was intended to be a simple process that should result in a virtual success rate 100 percent of the time. Another fact is that my RCM success rate, as evidenced by every one of my clients, has been 100 percent!

Weeks Not Years

Implementing a comprehensive RCM program should not be measured in the number of years it will take, but rather in the number of months or perhaps weeks it will take to implement the process for your entire facility. I have been working with and developing RCM and preventive maintenance programs for more than 35 years; and I teach what Nowlan and Heap "intended:" a quick and efficient RCM implementation. Instead of requiring many years to complete, my training seminar reduces the time to complete a comprehensive RCM analysis for all components in a plant or facility to 6-8 weeks at most.

Distilling My Experience

What I have done is to take the culmination of years of experience with RCM and present it in a simple to understand, easy to implement, straightforward application. I am extremely familiar with all of the reasons why attempts at developing a world-class RCM-based preventive maintenance program have been elusive and have fallen short of expectations. I have changed that. I know how simple RCM should be and could be. One of my greatest disappointments has been to see how complicated and obfuscated RCM has become. That is even why the title of my book is RCM - Implementation Made Simple.

Simplifying Classical RCM

I would like to mention the work of a colleague of mine, John Moubray, who has passed away. I first met John when he visited me in California in early 1991, after becoming aware of my work on RCM in the nuclear industry. He has been an outstanding advocate of RCM, and his efforts have helped to bring it the visibility it justly deserves. Like John, I too am an advocate of Classical RCM versus. the other shortcut versions, but I believe Classical RCM can be achieved with a much more simplified approach.