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Optimizing Maintenance Through RCM Training

Put an end to maintenance problems and equipment failures in critical systems with my comprehensive three-day RCM training seminar and workshop. This proven reliability-centered maintenance system can be taught to your team at your own site or it can be coordinated off-site. My training programs have a record of 100 percent success and are backed by my "Training Guarantee" that there will be a successful outcome or no charge.

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Who Takes My Training

The professionals I have trained in my three-day seminar and workshops number in the thousands. More than 80 percent of the attendees were familiar with RCM and had previously tried to implement the "standard" RCM methods based on the Nowlan and Heap methods that have been around for more than 40 years. Almost all of these folks attested complete failure in those previous attempts but now have received fully qualified RCM facilitator training. I have trained hundreds of engineering, maintenance, operations, and reliability personnel in a myriad of industries, with attendees including the following:

• Corporate Vice Presidents & Directors
• System & Design Engineers
• Planners & Operational Managers
• Reliability Specialists
• Maintenance Vice Presidents

• Directors & Managers
• Craftsmen & Technicians
• Instrument & Control Techs
• Plant Operators

Making RCM Uncomplicated

The entire goal of my training is to keep RCM simple. I fully acknowledge the sordid history and present difficulties of implementing an RCM program. In fact, the true history of RCM outside the commercial aviation industry has left nothing but a "trail of worthless analyses" that sits on shelves at companies all over the world. In the course of my presentations at national and international conferences, I hear the same frustrated chorus of responses from the attendees: "We tried RCM, but it became a costly nightmare and we scrapped it. We know there is some good to be gained there somewhere, but we have yet to find it." Solutions are available. My three-day RCM course covers:

• Straightforward & Uncomplicated Approach To RCM
• Simplified RCM Concepts & Methodology
• Basic Principles Of RCM, Many Never Before Revealed
• How To Avoid the Pitfalls Of an RCM Program
• Establishing the Necessary RCM Decision Logic
• Dealing With Functional Failures & Different Failure Mode Strategies

• Developing PM Task Strategies
• Developing a "Living RCM Program"
• How To "Monitor & Trend" RCM Program Progress
• RCM for Instruments
• The 7 Questions In SAE RCM Document JA1011 & Their Limitations
• RCM As a Corporate Culture

A Timely Comment

During one of my recent training sessions, a director at NASA said, "If the BP personnel responsible for the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling rig had attended your training, there is a 98 percent likelihood that the oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico would never have occurred." This is a powerful testimony to the need for better RCM and preventive maintenance training in complex industrial facilities.